Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the worst pains to bear. But why does your tooth hurt? Your tooth pain can most probably be due to one of the following reasons –

  1. Wisdom tooth pain – This generally occurs when the wisdom tooth is trying to erupt in your mouth but is unable to do so because there is a lack of space or it is rotated. This can cause swelling in the gums and inflammation causing pain.
  2. Tooth decay – This is one of the most common cause of toothache. This type of pain can feel like sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, etc, or sensitivity to air.
  3. Abscess – If you don’t get the decay treated, it might infect the nerve in your tooth and cause an abscess. An abscessed tooth is tender to bite on and can give pain on its own without any stimulus. 
  4. Injury – A fall or hit or constant grinding can crack your teeth or injure the nerves and cause pain. It can also be caused by brushing too hard

There can be other causes of toothache like gum disease, sinusitis, referred pain, etc. The best way to identify the cause of your pain is to visit a dentist. We will help you identify the cause of the pain and take steps to treat it. 

Possible treatments –

  • If there is decay or sensitivity, you may be advised a tooth filling.
  • If the decay has spread to your nerves and infected them or caused an abscess, you may be recommended a root canal treatment. It is also advised in cases of injury to the nerve for other reasons. 

Root canal treatment cost is a concern to many patients and hence they avoid visiting a dentist. We have treatment options for all patients so do not hesitate to visit us NOW!