Wisdom tooth Extraction

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A surgical treatment to extract the impacted wisdom tooth to get rid of pain, discomfort, and oral infection caused by the tooth.

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What are Wisdom teeth?

 Wisdom teeth also known as third molars erupt during the late teens at the back of the upper and lower jaws.

4 key symptoms which suggest the extraction of wisdom teeth

    • Unaligned growth:  If your wisdom teeth are unaligned, they may cause damage to your adjacent teeth. In this case, it is advisable to get them removed.
    • Partial growth: Partial growth of your wisdom teeth will allow bacteria to enter your gum. This calls for wisdom teeth removal.
    • Swelling: Unaligned or partially emerged wisdom teeth can cause swelling of your gum. This can be sorted through wisdom teeth removal.
    • Oral Infection: Partial emergence of wisdom teeth results in unsatisfactory maintenance of oral hygiene. This contributes to infections.

Note: The symptoms may not restrict themselves to the ones mentioned above. Thus, if you experience any other oral discomfort visit the dentist for immediate examination.

Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    • Step 1: Dental Exam: The dentist will examine your wisdom teeth to determine if there is a requirement for extraction.
    • Step 2: Process of extraction: An incision is made in your gum tissue to facilitate the removal of the wisdom teeth. The process is administered through anesthesia.
    • Step 3: Placement of Gauze: The extraction site is cleansed and gauze is placed on the same to avoid bleeding.

Post-treatment care for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

 Our dentists recommend the following post-treatment care for wisdom teeth extraction:

    • Use an ice pack on the extraction site to minimize swelling.
    • Avoid physical activity for as long as advised.
    • Take the prescribed medications.
    • Consume soft foods and liquids
    • Pay a timely visit to your dentist for examination.

 You may also be required to initiate further care upon the dentist’s advice.

5 things to remember about wisdom teeth extraction

 Wisdom teeth extraction can safeguard your adjacent teeth.

    • It can avert bacteria.
    • It Protects your jawbone from damage.
    • It safeguards your gum from infections.
    • The use of anesthesia makes the procedure painless.

Through thorough dental examination, our specialists at Narayana Dental can make your wisdom teeth extraction painless yet effective. Book your appointment today.