Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment is a surgery performed to save a contaminated tooth by eliminating the infection from the root.

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What is Root Canal Treatment? 

Root canal treatment is performed to remove infections, inflammation caused by tooth decay and to protect it from further infections. It is executed in the pulp of the tooth. 

5 key symptoms to tell if you need a Root Canal Treatment:

    • Sensitivity:  Recurrent teeth sensitivity on consumption of hot or cold foods may be a sign to suggest that your nerves are damaged. This calls for a root canal treatment.
    • Tooth Discolouration:  This may occur when there is an underlying infection in the pulp of your teeth. Thus, it is vital to visit the dentist for an examination.
    • Tooth pain: There are numerous causes for this, and an infection in your nerves is a major one. So, it may be a symptom suggesting a root canal treatment.
    • Swollen Gum: Accumulated dead pulp tissues can make your gum swell. This is painful but it can be sorted through a root canal treatment.
    • Abscess: A dental abscess is a deposit of pus formed inside the tooth or gum. If this occurs, it is advisable to go in for a dental examination.

Note: The symptoms may not restrict themselves to the ones mentioned above. Thus, if you experience any other oral discomfort visit the dentist for immediate examination. 

Procedure for the Root Canal Treatment

    • Step 1: Dental Exam- A dental examination involves taking an X-ray to determine the extent of your infection.
    • Step 2: Cleaning the root- The dentist cleans your root with an antiseptic solution to avert bacteria and to treat the infection.
    • Step 3: Dressing the root canal- After a thorough cleansing, a rubber-like material is used to seal the canals.
    • Step 4: Attachment of Dental Crown- A dental crown is attached to give your teeth additional protection. It is essential as it eases the chewing process.

Post-treatment care after root canal treatment

Our dentists recommend the following post-treatment care:

    • Maintain good oral hygiene.
    • Do not engage in physical activity immediately post-treatment.
    • Consume soft foods and liquids.
    • Do not pressurize the treated tooth while brushing.
    • Take the prescribed medications. 

You may be required to initiate further care upon the dentist’s advice.

5 things to remember about the root canal treatment

    • As anesthesia is used, the procedure is painless.
    • It can help you preserve your natural tooth.
    • Root canal treatment can ease your chewing process.
    • It can protect your neighboring teeth from infections.
    • It is highly durable. 

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