Laser Gum Therapy

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Laser Gum Therapy is practiced to defeat several gum diseases including bleeding gums, receding gum line, and bad breath.

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What is Laser Gum Therapy?

Laser Gum Therapy is popularly known as Laser periodontal treatment (LPT) and is used to treat gum disease by removing the diseased tissue through lasers.

 5 benefits of Laser Gum Therapy

    •  Alleviates Pain- As lasers are used to treat the gum, there is a lesser chance of swelling, pain, and inflammation.
    •  Speedy Recovery- The treatment does not require stitches. This contributes to quick recovery and moderate downtime.
    •  Eliminates Bacteria- Whilst treating the gum disease, the lasers also avert bacterial infections which cause harm to your teeth.
    •  Minimal loss of tissue- The lasers focus on the affected area to avoid redundant loss of your gum tissue.
    •  Customizable- The intensity of the lasers can be adjusted and customized to suit your requirement.

 Procedure for Laser Gum Therapy

    •  Step 1: Dental Exam: The dental examination will help the dentist determine the extent of your gum disease.
    •  Step 2: Removal of gum tissue: The laser is utilized to remove the diseased gum tissue. This process is administered through anesthesia.
    •  Step 3: Initiation of clot formation: Once the diseased gum tissue is removed, the laser is utilized to initiate the formation of a clot which will protect the newly formed tissue.

Post-treatment care for Laser Gum Therapy

    • Maintain good oral hygiene
    • Take the prescribed medications, if any.
    • Do not consume spicy foods for as long as advised.
    • Pay a timely visit to your dentist.

You may be required to initiate further care upon the dentist’s advice.

 5 things to remember about Laser Gum Therapy

    • It can promote oral health.
    • Laser Gum therapy causes only minimal bleeding.
    • The lasers are highly efficient.
    • Laser gum therapy is non-invasive.
    • It is a safe treatment.

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