Dental Implants

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Dental implant is a prosthetic replacement of the root of a missing tooth. A false tooth is positioned onto it, making it look natural.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal fixtures made of titanium. As the implants are rooted in the jawbone to support dental crowns, this treatment assists in replicating missing tooth/teeth.

5 reasons to choose Dental Implants

    • Promotes Bone Growth: Dental implants are made of titanium. This can amalgamate to the jawbone and sustain it resulting in the suspension of bone loss caused by missing tooth/teeth.
    • Natural in appearance: To replicate a tooth, dental crowns which resemble the upper layer of teeth are attached to the implant. This will make your tooth/teeth appear natural.
    • Lasts Long: Titanium rarely erodes, thus, if the implants are maintained as directed, it can even last for a lifetime.
    • Safe for adjacent teeth: Unlike bridgework which stresses the adjacent teeth which renders support for the dental bridge, implants do not damage adjacent teeth.
    • Easy to maintain: Dental implants do not require you to follow extensive oral hygiene routines. Regular brushing and flossing will do.

Pre-operative assessment for Dental Implants :

    • Dental exam: A dental examination involves taking Dental X-rays and 3D models of your teeth to know if you are eligible for the Dental Implant treatment.
    • Examination of medical history: It is important to communicate with your orthodontist about your medical conditions. This will help them to take appropriate measures prior to treatment.
    • Customizing the treatment plan: The plan is personalized to suit your requirement.

Procedure for Dental Implants:

    • Step 1: Attaching the Dental Implant: The root of the missing tooth/teeth would be replaced by firmly fixing the dental implant deep into the bone. 
    • Step 2Phase of Bone Growth: This phase concludes over 3-6 months and it provides time for the bone to grow and fuse itself to the surface of the implant. This is essential to offer a strong foundation for dental crowns.
    • Step 3: Affixing the Abutment: At this stage, a piece called an abutment that will attach to the dental crown is introduced through a minor surgery. For the process, the orthodontist reopens the gum, places the abutment, and closes the same.
    • Step 4Choosing and placing the Dental Crown: A dental crown that resembles your natural tooth/teeth would be placed over the dental implant. But before that, a choice must be made between fixed and removable crowns after consultation with your orthodontist.

The technology used in our Dental Implant

Post Implant care 

 Our Dentists recommend the following post-treatment care for implants: 

    • Stick to eating and drinking soft foods and liquids for the immediate 48 hours post-implant 
    • Do not engage in exercise for a few days post-implant as it may cause bleeding.
    • Use an icepack on the implant site as and when needed. This can help in reducing inflammation.
    • It is advisableto avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco as it may hinder the healing process.
    • Do not forget to maintain good oral hygiene. 
    • Take the prescribed medications 
    • Pay your orthodontist a timely visit for examination

5 things to remember about Dental Implants. It can help you:

    • Avoid feeling insecure over a missing tooth/teeth.
    • The Dental implant procedure is administered through anesthesia, so there is a lesser chance of pain.
    • Flash your smilewithout hesitation.
    • Sustain the shape of your face and can prevent sagging.
    • Avert gum diseases.

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