Bridges and Crowns

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Crowns and Bridges are used to protect the damaged or fractured teeth and restore and repair them to the natural stage.

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What is Crown?

A crown is a manufactured tooth. It is used when a tooth structure is damaged or fractured. It’s generally made of porcelain or ceramic that can be color and texture-matched to your existing teeth.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic device that replaces missing teeth. It is used when one or more teeth are missing. Bridges are usually made of porcelain fused to metal to achieve both strength and a natural look.

When will you need a Crown or a Bridge?

Crowns are used when:

    • A tooth is damaged
    • Too much decay has weakened a tooth
    • A tooth is severely discolored
    • A tooth is malformed
    • On the other hand, bridges are used to replace missing teeth. It can be used when dentures are unstable or uncomfortable.

Different Types of Crowns that we provide

    • Porcelain fused to metal is a type of crown which is stronger than regular porcelain since it’s attached to a metal structure.
    • Base metal alloys are incredibly resistant to corrosion and make a very strong crown.
    • Gold alloys are the kind of crown in which metals are mixed, including gold and copper.

Different Types of Bridges that we provide

    • Traditional dental bridges use dental crowns on either side of the gap which holds the false teeth in place.
    • Cantilever bridges are similar to the traditional ones, except only one side of the false teeth will have a crown supporting it, as opposed to one on each side.
    • Maryland bridges consist of a metal or porcelain framework that holds the denture in place.
    • Implant-supported bridges can be used when there’s more than a single tooth missing. These bridges use dental implants for support instead of crowns.

Narayana Dental Taking Care of your Crowns and Bridges like no other

It is important to take care of your oral hygiene after your crowns and bridges are fitted. Brush and floss about two to three times a day. This will prevent decay where the crown and the tooth join. Avoid sticky foods, and do not use your teeth inappropriately by chewing pens, biting fingernails, etc.

Whether you have a crown or a bridge, it is very important to regularly visit us for a checkup and clean-up. This way the problems can be detected early and can be solved before they become painful and expensive.

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